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About Us

Glamme Health & Beauty is all about bringing beauty revolution at your doorstep. Located in the  heart of Nepal , this US-BASED company has brought  more than 100 different  universally recognized cosmetics brands and still in progress to explore more in coming days. Concept of beauty as we know has taken its new leap ,women today are more aware of their mental, emotional , and physical well being than before .They are not going to just risk their health and beauty  by applying any makeup which might look attractive from its packaging and has wrong  promotion from famous celebrites.Now they know what is good for them and what they should take inside and outside  to make themselves beautiful .  It is  not only women but also men has come forward to change the concept of beauty. So keeping in mind that this generation is not going compromise at any cost  when it comes to skin care  and make –up, GlamMe  has focused to bring only genuine and skin friendly cosmetics and skin care products. We also have a research  team  who is actively working nationally and internationally  to understand and to introduce brands which are suitable  according to our customers’ needs .

GlamMe is providing wholesale services to new Business Enthusiasts .